Let Malta Be Your Next Destination For Your Instagram Travel Posts

Malta, the island country which is located in the Southern European region is very popular among tourists and tourism provides for a major share in the GDP of the country. Malta is the site that houses not just one but 3 World Heritage sites and numerous megalithic temples. The warm climate of the country attracts tourists all around the year.

Nature reserves and crystal blue beaches of the Mediterranean Sea keep Malta always packed with tourists and sometimes the tourists in Malta outrun the count of residents of the country.

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Tourist attractions in Malta

Social media is an important part of everyone’s travel journey today. Malta has access to many places that can easily become a part of your Instagram stories. Get ready to get many likes when you click pictures at the following places in Malta:

  1. Blue Grotto:
  • The adjoining sea caves with a 30-meter high natural arch are a very famous spot for snorkelling, sea diving, and of course clicking pictures.
  • When the clear blue waves hit the limestone formations, it gives an amazing view of the caves which you should not miss if you are in Malta.
  1. St. Paul’s Catacombs:
  • This place was used by early Christians in the 3rd century AD to worship to protect them from persecution.
  • Today, this site is utilized as a burial ground.
  • All the passages and even the labyrinth of this tomb were carved in ancient times from rocks.
  • Although this place has a very eerie atmosphere, it makes for a good Instagram story.
  1. Mdina Gate:
  • Mdina which is a fortified city was built in 1724 and still holds the reliefs of patron saints of Malta.
  • Its entrance, the Mdina Gate has been featured in Game of Thrones (first season).
  • If you visit this site at dusk, the golden shade of the gate will give a very good shot for your next Instagram post.
  1. Megalithic temples:
  • If you are in Malta, you cannot miss the Megalithic temples.
  • These are old religious sites and were made according to solar alignment.
  • In ancient cultures, these temples were used to perform fertility rituals.
  • The sun aligns with the temple stones at sunrise which gives you an amazing chance to click a picture here.

Do not forget to visit Bay Street while you are in Malta. The shopaholic in you will thank you for paying a visit here. Also, it is a great place to explore when it’s raining outside and you can’t hit the beach. Apart from having retail outlets, this complex also has amazing cafes that serve delicious food, a VR zone, a shooting gallery, and an arcade.

Make the most of your Malta vacation by planning your day as there are a lot of tourist spots to explore in a short amount of time.


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