Few Ideas For Travel To Maldives

If you are a newly married couple, then you can choose to visit Maldives for your honeymoon. You will come across several excellent resorts that can provide you all kinds of comfort that you may desire.

Lily Beach resort is also a beautiful resort where you can book with the help of the Zeldivian team, which is a winner of many international recognitions and awards. You will get excellent 5-star comfort and service.

Many people visit the Maldives only to see the exotic water. The Maldives is known as a paradise for diving, snorkeling, and similar activities. A few others simply go there for getting the isolation sense.

There are very few places where your hotel itself can take over the entire island. And many people prefer to go for luxury, as resorts available in the Maldives can offer the most cutting-edge type of modern luxury. The following are a few worth mentioning places to visit while you are in the Maldives.

  1. Cocoa island

Your visit to the picturesque Maldives will remain incomplete unless you visit Cocoa island. For a quiet beach retreat, Cocoa Island will be an ideal place. This tiny island during the 1980s belonged to a famous photographer called Eric Klemm, who had built 4 first bungalows that have been converted into a most romantic place now.

  1. Ithaa undersea restaurant

This undersea restaurant was opened in 2005, in Ithaa, which is the first restaurant in the whole world that was built underwater. It is about 5 meters below the sea located within a small transparent capsule. You can always enjoy the underwater beauty through the transparent ceilings.

  1. Mudhdhoo beach

Charming Mudhdhoo Beach can surprise even the most experienced travelers. This beach during the daytime is incredibly beautiful, but you will learn its main secret only during the twilight hours.

In the darkness, all the fishes will emit a flickering blue light and the beach will appear like a sky in the night, and strewn with many scattered bright stars.

  1. Hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali 

This is one most unusual, romantic, and chic hotels of the Maldives. You can get exclusive villas that are located around the coast, while a few others are usually built on the stilts just above the water.

Another feature of this hotel is that there is also an underwater room. This is incredibly popular with the newly wedded couples in love.

  1. Restaurant per aquarium

This restaurant will appeal to people who have got a dream to diversify their leisure with certain incredible entertainment. This restaurant is quite unusual and is in the Maldives, very near to Niyama resort. The restaurant hall is in the depth of six meters and has panoramic windows so that visitors can enjoy the surrounding beauty of the sea world.

The remoteness of this country may always mean that you will need some time and a little more money to visit the Maldives, but it is no longer a very exclusive place for only wealthy people but can be enjoyed even by ordinary travelers.

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