Get A Well-designed Foyer With Stylish Lighting – Best Lighting Options For Your Hallway

Good lighting can make your home a perfect place with positive vibes. A dark and dull place can only make you pessimistic about everything you see. When you enter into a place full of positive energy your mood becomes happy and peaceful. It is the same with your home.

The first place you step in when you enter your house is your hallway. It represents a lot of things about you. Your home interior style says a lot about your personality, creativity, and many more things. When a person visits you, you would want them to know you as a bright person with mind-blowing ideas. In short, your house represents you.

Imagine entering a place with dim lighting that looks like a haunted house. You would want to run away from the entrance itself. Nobody would like to come to such an unwelcoming place with bad vibes. Good lighting makes your home welcoming and peaceful.

If you are wondering how to get the perfect look for your foyer, here are some options.

Lighting options for your foyer


Everyone knows your standard when they see a chandelier at your house. It makes your house look grand and stylish. A chandelier in your foyer will give an expression of luxury in the mind of your visitor. This is why most people choose chandeliers for their foyer as it is the first impression in the mind of the visitor. You must also know how to choose the right chandelier for your foyer before you buy it.

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If you have an item in your foyer that you think can grab attention to your visitor, then spotlights can help you to highlight it. For example, if you have an ancient vase that you bought from an auction, you might want to highlight it. You can fit these lights in your ceiling, and it does not take much space.

Pendant lights:

If you choose to make your light one of the highlights in your hallway, then pendant light is the best choice for you. You can have a couple of them hanging on your wall alongside your wall art. For the best effect, place them in the corner.

Victorian lights:

If you are a fan of vintage looks, Victorian lights will give your hallway the perfect replica of the streets of Victorian England. They look like street lamps which you can place on one side of your hallway or both sides of your wall art.

Backlit Jaali:

If you have lesser space on the sides of your walls, you can use this style to save space. It is attached to the ceiling and looks very creative. It looks different and helps in distinguishing the foyer from the rest of your home.

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