A Few Dos and Don’ts while Giving Driving Test

Driving test may seem easy to pass, however you need to be aware that every wrong move of yours counts leading to failure. Thus, to know dos and don’ts will be helpful to pass the driving test with flying colours.

Here are few dos:

  • Keep your vehicle in good condition.
    • Yes, first and foremost your vehicle should move smoothly. All the parts should function well and do not forget to fill up the fuel tank.
  • Book your time and day that is best suitable for you.
    • It will be helpful if you have it in the morning hours on non rush week day. Try to opt for the month when the climate won’t be in adverse condition.
  • Revise all your driving lessons.
    • Often, we forget in the nick of time the traffic signals and other rules that must be followed while driving. Hence, it will be best to revise from home before you arrive at the driving test place.
  • Don’t forget your original documents.
    • It will be sensible to have your personal identity papers while going for your driving test as it may be required to fill forms.
  • Arrive on time.
    • Late arrivals won’t be preferred by examiners and thus it is best to arrive early. Moreover, this gesture will help you to remain calm and relax before your name is called for the practical driving test.
  • Seat belt.
    • In nervousness, often drivers ready to give test forget to secure the belt. This will surely be added in the negative marks of your test score. Be calm when you drive, close the door of the vehicle and firstly secure the seat belt before you turn on the key to start.
  • Be relaxed.
    • Let go off your fear and stay calm. Resting well before the day of your driving test will help a lot to be focussed. You need to be confident while driving, thus remember always to remain positive and shed off your nervousness.

Some don’ts to consider:

  • Don’t lose your confidence.
    • Better not to be nervous as you may forget all that you have practised. Be relaxed and never stress yourself while driving, rather enjoy it.
  • Don’t be distracted.
    • Better not to switch on your audio system or look at your phone when you start to drive or in between. They may distract you while driving moreover it isn’t listed in safe driving.
  • Don’t be talkative.
    • Try to be friendly with your examiner, however do not be talkative, it is better to concentrate on your drive.
  • Don’t forget to use your side mirrors and turn signals.
    • Otherwise, you are in for trouble as forgetting to turn rightly or not to give signals while backing or turning will lead to failure in the test.
  • Don’t pass out the traffic signals on the road.
    • That will be worst as no examiner will allow you to pass.
  • Don’t try to brake hard as the vehicle will stop suddenly with a jerk.
    • It will be considered as the driver still needs to practise before trying to give the practical test.

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