What are the environmental benefits of buying locally?

Today world is moving ahead by using eco-friendly products. You will see the paper bags getting substituted by using reusable full color bags from Custom Earth Promos. Buying products locally has been raging now. If you look it that way the consumers like to know where the products are coming some and they want to support the local businesses. But what does buying locally do to the environment?

Buying locally helps the environment in so many ways that you would never imagine. Here are the following benefits of buying produces locally.

  • Reduce your food miles

Buying food locally helps the environment to reduce your food miles. Whenshopping locally, you are purchasing all the goods that are produced in your community. But when you shop at a grocery store many food items available there have been shipped from around two thousand miles. When you cut down these miles by shopping in your local market, you are taking a step to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.

  • More accessible

Local businesses always operate in the local communities which makes it easy for them to bring products to their customers. For example, you can consider the farmers market where you will go and check out the whole place. Shoppers get to know everything about the produce that is present in the stalls. You can locate all the needed items very easily. Unlike in the local grocery store the large retailers require more space because of which they are located out of town and consumers need to travel the distance which increases the consumption of fuel resulting in increased carbon footprint.

  • Fresh produce

When you are choosing fresh and nutritious items. You will find most of the things to be organic and pesticides free. This is not only beneficial to both the customer and the seller but it is also beneficial for the environment. You are keeping the toxins and pesticides away from the crop that enhances the soil and air. Because the produce is brought freshly from the farm there is very less food waste.

  • Protect local land and wildlife

When you are buying things locally you are protecting both the local as well as the wildlife associated with it. By buying local products, you are showing that you are supporting the local producers. This farm stays in operation because of your constant interaction as a customer and hence they are avoided from being sold to the local developers. There is a huge chance that local developers can completely change the site of land by building malls or supermarkets which can harm the wildlife living around.

  • Local workforce

By investing in the local produce, you are supporting the local workforce and farmers. For instance, if we are buying groceries from the farmers market you are helping the local producers to keep their jobs. You are also helping several other people such as the team that organises the farmers market. All of these workers are employed because people wonder about products.

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