How Violent and Property Crimes Start Increasing In Memphis City

Major property crimes and violent crimes rose in Memphis city in the initial 6 months of the year. Statistics show that the crime rate is significantly higher when compared to the last year. What many people don’t know is that poverty and crime are closely related to each other. Other reasons are racial discrimination, poverty, and tensions. Let us know more about the increase in crime in Memphis city.

What types of crimes are prevalent in Memphis society?

There are various types of crimes that are faced by the locals of Memphis today. The major types of violent crimes recorded 9.9 percentages in this city. Some of the key violent crimes include rape, robbery, and murders. This trend is driven by a rise in provoked assaults.

Provoked assault is classified as a broad category that comprises of shootings, fistfights, and attacks with knives, which leads to severe injury. These crimes also include cases where a person gets only threatened with a weapon without any intention to harm. is a website of the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission. It comprises of a team of youth leaders who have launched a 5-year initiative to curb the increasing crime rate in Memphis.   

Crime and Present condition of Memphis

The problem of increasing violence has become severe in Memphis for a couple of years. To address this problem and solve this issue at the earliest, Mayor of Memphis has taken measures to curb the crime rate.

Robbery, gunfire, burglary, etc. are on the rise. The sole cause behind this issue is poverty. Most of the gang members commit these criminal activities to maintain their social status. To curb this growing crime rate is a challenge for the Memphis government.

Safety Tips from the government to people

It is a very common sight where people forget to leave their keys in the vehicle. This results in the theft of vehicles. It is advised by the government for the citizens to become more responsible. Don’t leave the vehicle in an unattended or unlocked state with the keys.

Besides vehicle theft and other movable property crime, cases of homicides are also recorded. According to “The Commercial Appeal’s Homicide Tracker”, the overall count of homicide cases was reported as 228 that is the highest in the history of Memphis.

Efforts were taken by the government to bring down the crime rate

The government has built up a police force that involves a class of trained people who would be inspecting criminal tendencies in the society. The mayor of the Memphis city has also clearly stated long-term efforts to lower crime rate in the form of conducting summer job programs and youth mentoring.


Poverty has been the major factor for the occurrence of crime in Memphis. Both property and violent crime run by motor vehicle thefts have increased in Memphis in the last few years. Looking at these shocking results, police made efforts to curb the crime rate by launching a “Violent Crimes Unit” in January.

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