Spend A Night in Miami For A Truly Unique Party Experience

Do you want to experience a glitzy and vibrant nightlife? Look no further than Miami which is aptly named the party capital of the US. Its night life scene is all about big beaches, pleasant weather, skimpy clothing and perfect mojitos. The well-groomed people there look like they are straight out of a magazine cover. Most clubs are open until wee hours of the morning.

Clubbing in South beach:

Miami Nightlife is not to be missed by party-lovers. The clubs near South Beach are frequented by celebrities. Pop in one of their iconic clubs for a memorable night. You’ll feel you have stepped into a different world when you set foot inside E11EVEN. Dance till you drop for their Latin beats, enjoy fine dining, five-star hospitality and feel like a celebrity.

Be mindful of the club etiquette:

  • Always be polite: Don’t act all skittish and be patient with the doorman. Avoid yelling to gain his attention.
  • Book your spot in advance: You can get your name in the club’s guest list with the help of your hotel or just call them beforehand to avoid a hassle-free entire.
  • Don’t be too meek: If you are caught up in a crowd, don’t just wait for others to pass. Squeeze through and make your way to the door or skip queues by ordering bottle service.
  • Dress chic: It is perfectly acceptable to show some amount of skin. Don’t come in too casual in your baggy jeans. This is Miami! – Dress to kill and make heads turn.
  • Arrive early: The queues can get really long. You don’t want to get tired waiting.

Book a shuttle service from your hotel to arrive at South Beach, if you don’t prefer walking. If you pay around $50, you’ll be dropped right in front of the club and picked up at 4 am. The amount covers club entry and you can walk past the queue in a jiffy.

Ocean drive nightlife:

Beach lovers shouldn’t miss an opportunity to check out Ocean Drive. The famous 15-block stretch is replete with clubs, bars and restaurants. Dive into a pool at the famous Clevelander hotel which has a large pool in the front patio. They conduct events and contest every weekend and the place is ever-buzzing with activity.

Washington Avenue Nightlife:

Situated two blocks away from Ocean Drive, it is another hot clubbing spot with overflowing dance clubs and bars. You have Cameo with 6 bars, bottle service and an exclusive VIP area. It won’t be surprising if you run into celebrities, athletes or models here. Another sophisticated venue is Twist. This gay club is equipped with 7 bars with DJs and drag queens livening up the atmosphere.

Music in Miami:

Club scenes and Miami’s music are like yin and yang, peanut butter and jelly. Though on the surface you find predominately Latin and Hip-Hop doing the rounds, if you dig in deeper, you’ll find indie record shops, lovely jazz lounges, divey venues and much more.

Sleep through the day, save your energy and have a blast as the night unfolds. Miami is a paradise for those who seek all-night party entertainment.

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