Save Yourself from The Nightmare of Getting Caught Up with Moving Scams

You are excited about signing the paperwork for your new home but the excitement starts fading and panic kicks in when you think about packing and moving your stuff. Moving is quite stressful especially if you have truck load of things to move. Hiring movers will ease the process. However, it could get financially draining if you become a victim of moving scams.

How do movers scam you?

Safeguard yourself from stressful situations by staying away from scams. The scams are done by some rogue movers advertising their services online. They trick you into hiring them by offering low estimate without bothering to see the stuff to be moved. They’d ask you to pay a huge sum in advance. The scam could go in many directions since they have your money now.

  • They may not show up at the announced time.
  • They may change the deal asking you to pay more implying their estimate didn’t cover packing rates.
  • There are instances where some rogue movers get lost into thin air and abandon your belongings in some storage facility and agreeing to deliver only when you pay more.

Once dishonest movers have loaded your items in their truck, they have the upper hand. It is hence wise to choose a trustworthy mover. New Jersey residents who are looking for help with moving can choose reputable professional movers like Sinclair. Their trained professionals provide prompt and courteous service and guarantee safe moving of your priced possessions.

Though there many legitimate movers, lately there has been a rise in the number of complaints filed against interstate moving services. These complaints arise because of a small percent of rogue owners. To combat this people should be aware of their rights and stay vigilante.

Red flags to look out for:

  • The company’s website doesn’t have its location details and insurance options
  • Their answering machine replies with some generic identification like ‘Moving Company’ or ‘Movers’ rather than mentioning the company name
  • An estimate is given without their movers setting an eye on the quantity of stuff that are to be moved
  • When the company asks for a large deposit in advance
  • Their movers arrive in rental trucks instead of company-branded vehicles
  • When movers want to you sign partially completed forms
  • They ask for more money than estimated after they pack/load your belongings

How to choose the right mover?

Start by getting multiple estimates from different movers. If a particular estimate costs significantly low, it is best to avoid choosing it. Research online about the company and check if there are any fraudulent complaints filed against them. Ask your family members and friends for recommendations.

If they don’t give a solid answer to your queries, it is best to not trust them with your belongings. Ask for a detailed written estimate. It is very important to get contact information about the moving company and driver.

Though the cost is an important consideration, don’t let it be your sole criteria for selecting movers. A company’s service record and registration status are more crucial.

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