Food and Drink Tours To Focus On While in Romania

Until you visit Romania you may not be aware of the cuisine, but there are plenty of tours and trips to introduce you to it. Whether you want fine wine or street food, there will be a tour that meets your needs. The best food and drink tours in Romania are:

Transylvanian Food Tour by Bike

On this tour you will get the best of both worlds: the special dishes that are served during the trip and the chance to get rid of the calories by bike riding. In the South of Transylvania during the summer, the villagers do all that they can to ensure that visitors have a wonderful meal and a wonderful time. Among the events held are:

  • Dinners in the great outdoors
  • Mountainside picnics
  • Typical Transylvanian brunches
  • Traditional food workshops

If you don’t have your own bike, then they can be provided and a guide will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

One day Wine Trip

The trip begins in Bucharest and you travel along the Roman built road that has led to the wine regions for more than 2,000 years. Dealu Mare is the destination and when you arrive you can learn all about the local winemaking processes. The 18th Century Wine Museum houses a collection of tools of the past along with old barrels. Then onto the manor where there is the oldest wine press and tools in the area. Then on to the special part: tasting the wine. Lunch is provided and you can recap on all you have learned.

Food Stalls, Culture and Walking

This is a walking tour lasting 4 hours. Travelling the streets of Bucharest, your guide takes you to numerous places you would not have found alone. You will learn the history of the food and of the vendor. You can join as an individual or part of a group. As you pass the outstanding sites, you will try the delicacies and may be surprised to learn that food from the communist era is still popular. It is worth missing breakfast as there will be plenty of food to try and you don’t want to miss out on the good ones. You can try Zacusca, beef salad, cabbage stew, Romanian sweetbread, papanasi and many others.

Beer is Best

If you agree that beer is best, then your trip into “Little Paris” could be the highlight of your holiday. You will visit cultural sites and learn about life behind the Iron Curtain. There will be craft beers and plenty of the local brands with each pub welcoming you with a smile.

Learn how beer is brewed while comparing Bucharest today with the reign of Ceausescu. Peasant cuisine is available and you will eat in a trendy bar and at a food stall. The journey takes 4 hours and it will be best not to use the car that day.

Night-time Tour

Not all trips have to be during the day and walking the Old Town of Bucharest at night can be a magical experience. On the way to the 200-year old inn where merchants congregated, you will see the Stavropoleos Church and walk the CaleaVictoriei.

The food provided will be the equivalent of a full evening meal and the event will be rounded off with a cocktail. All in all, you will walk around 2 miles.

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