10 Signs That Indicates You Are A Smart Traveler

Being a frequent traveler, I believe that the more you travel the more you get better at it. There are different things that you see and learn, different experiences which make you prepared for the next time. But the question is do you consider yourself as a smart traveler? If you think you are a smart traveler then you must know many of these tips and if you are a novice traveler then you should learn and follow these smart traveling tips.

  1. Roll or fold– The general thought is that you should fold your clothes for more space while many say that you should roll the clothes, now I really don’t know which one is correct so try both and see how much packing space you are getting with both.
  2. Copies of documents – When you are traveling overseas, it is very important that you carry extra copies of your important documents like passport, driver’s license and national identity cards.
  1. Carry Two Bank Cards – This is an important tip, it’s good that you have two bank cards always keep them separately if one gets lost or stolen you have other one to turn to.
  1. Walk away from taxis outside the airport – Well this one is pretty simple the pro travelers already know it, but if you are a novice traveler then you should know never take a taxi from outside the airport they are the most expensive ones in town.
  1. Book your flight in advance – The expert travelers know that waiting to book your flight at the last minute is not a good idea but those who are beginners are misguided that booking a flight at the last hour is the best solution whereas its vice versa one should always book their flight 30 days is advance.
  1. Pack your phone with travel apps – Your phone play store is the answer to everything you can find travel guides, translators, currency changers, taxi and hotel booking apps. Every kind of travel app you may require you can find on your phone so do download a few of your favorite apps.
  1. You collect air miles – Smart travelers always collect miles because they know the perks of air miles free tickets, cabin upgrades, and access to VIP lounges worldwide.
  1. Get a travel SIM–Smart travelers never use international roaming on their local SIM they always carry a global sim with them it offers cheap call rates, sms package and international data roaming.
  1. Eat the street food – When in Rome eat the pizza, when in India eat the Wada Pav and Dhokla’s expert travelers say smart travelers eat the street food to enjoy different kinds of traditional cuisine.
  1. Party with the locals – When you are traveling you will soon make friends with the locals if you really want to party hard then you party with the locals.

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